Babies very close to their parents' bodies

Babies very close to their parents' bodies

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What is the father or mother who does not like to carry their baby close to the body? I always thought that the longer I could carry my daughter in my arms, the better. Of course, I have sometimes come to complain about its weight and how uncomfortable it was for me to maintain the posture, although I almost always went out of my way to do so. Feeling her body so close to mine gave me the sensation of touching the sky. Today, parents already have it easier because they can already carry their baby tied to their body in different and comfortable ways.

The use of baby carriers, shoulder straps, a foulard or scarf ... allows you to rescue the pleasure of carrying babies very close to your body, wherever you go, to the supermarket, to the doctor or for a short or long walk. They are comfortable and practical. This close contact not only favors the mobility of the baby, but also the health of the parents' back.

There are many ways to hold babies close to your body. This contact favors:

- Communication between parents and children. It is easier for the father or mother to realize their baby's needs

- The comfort of parents when carrying out their usual tasks, both at home and away from it

- The reduction of the stress level of the baby. Makes you feel like you're still in your mother's belly

- The comfort and ease of breastfeeding the baby - The decrease in the baby's crying.

- The conciliation of the baby's sleep.

- The decrease in infant colic

- Better digestion

- That babies have greater self-esteem, feel more secure and clothed

- Better development and growth of the premature baby

- Stimulation of baby's motor development due to rocking

- The socialization of the baby, because when his mother or father talks to someone, he can be part of the conversation.

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