Recipes for children by countries. International children's cuisine

Recipes for children by countries. International children's cuisine

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The funniest traditional recipes to cook with children


Japanese cuisine stands out for its originality, and although it may seem to us that children will not like it, how healthy their dishes are and the beautiful presentation they offer are good reasons to encourage children to try this very healthy dish of fish and fish. rice.

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Its name may seem unpronounceable, but no one can doubt that the taste of this salad is highly appreciated by children. The recipe contains two of the ingredients that are most successful among the little ones in the house, such as potato and sausage, which together with other vegetables and mayonnaise sauce are a guarantee of success.

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Despite the bad reputation of North American cuisine, the truth is that in the U.S. We can find very rich recipes that, made at home, can be a healthy meal for children. In addition to the classic cherry pie, if there is a dish that is related to this country, it is its hamburgers, so read the recipe to make it at home.

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Fish recipes abound in Portugal, especially cod, which are healthy and very good. But when choosing a recipe to enjoy with children, we encourage you to make the Belem cakes or pastéis, a sweet that despite its name is not only eaten at Christmas, but can be enjoyed all year round.

If you want to see the recipe for the Belem cakes, CLICK HERE

China is the most populated country in the world, and as such has a multitude of traditional dishes from its different areas. But if you want to prepare a nutritious and simple recipe for your children that is also usually successful, we recommend trying the three delights rice, which along with spring rolls or sweet and sour pork, is one of the best known.

If you want to see the recipe for Chinese rice three delights, CLICK HERE

Mexican cuisine is well known throughout the world, and even those who do not appreciate spicy can enjoy delicious recipes for burritos, tacos, or, as we propose today, chicken fajitas. An ideal dish for children to have fun cooking and eating.

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Peruvian cuisine has become one of the most appreciated in the world thanks to the variety and quality of its traditional recipes. Along with well-known dishes such as ají de gallina or stuffed empanadas, the ceviche stands out, a fish dish that you cannot miss.

If you want to see the recipe for fish ceviche, CLICK HERE

In Chile we find many popular recipes among children, but surely few are as attractive to children as these potatoes stuffed with meat, a real delight that is also ideal to give us a lot of energy.

If you want to see the recipe for potatoes stuffed with meat, CLICK HERE

The recipes of India are characterized by many spices, which give them an attractive smell and taste. That is why at GuiaInfantil we suggest you prepare a simple rice with chicken curry, it is an ideal recipe as a main dish for children's meals.

If you want to see the recipe for Indian curry rice, CLICK HERE

There are many dishes in Brazil that children and adults like, such as cheese bread or brigadeiros, but certainly few are more representative than feijoada. This rich stew combines legumes and meat, being a very complete main dish.

If you want to see the recipe for the feijoada, CLICK HERE

Cornstarch alfajores are a popular dessert in Argentina and other Latin American countries. It is a delicious sweet that we can prepare with children thanks to the simplicity of its recipe. Do not forget to accompany them with dulce de leche, they are irresistible!

If you want to see the recipe for cornstarch alfajores, CLICK HERE

Without a doubt, French gastronomy is one of the most popular in the world, and many of its dishes are considered haute cuisine. In France we find a recipe that drives children crazy: crepes. Accompanied by chocolate, cream or fruit, they are always a success at breakfast or snack.

If you want to see the recipe for the crepes with fruits, CLICK HERE

Moroccan cuisine has surprising dishes such as pastela, and delicious stews such as tajine, but if there is one that stands out, it is couscous or cous cous. It can be prepared with different ingredients, we for children propose to make it with vegetables and chicken.

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Pasta and pizza are the queens of Italian cuisine, which also turns out to be the most popular among children, thanks to its flavor and the variety of possibilities it offers. In addition, pizza is one of the best resources to prepare original and homemade dinners with the family.

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In Spain there are several dishes that can compete for the honor of being recognized, such as paella or gazpacho. But if there is one that can be found in any Spanish house, it is the potato omelette, a delicious recipe to drink hot or cold.

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