Safety requirements in schools for babies

Safety requirements in schools for babies

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You are surely looking for the best nursery for your baby. But, do you know what to look for when choosing nursery? You may find it essential that the nursery is close to your home or work, that it has a flexible schedule, that they take care of your baby in a certain language or that the staff have the necessary qualifications to take care of the children.

But you can't ignore one of the most important aspects of a nursery, such as safety. The safety of your baby is as important as its development, so you should see if the nursery you are going to choose is safe enough for children. Discover the requirements you must meet a safe nursery.

1. The nursery must be accessible for children and relatives, but at the same time you must have sufficient security measures to prevent the entry of strangers.

2. The windows, on the other hand, must be inaccessible for children. They may either have security locks or they may be out of reach.

3. The soils they should be adapted to the activities of each room, but it is preferable that they are slightly soft and that they function as shock absorbers.

4. The walls They must be free of edges and in places with more child traffic, corner guards can be placed.

5. The furniture for children's activities is preferably made of rounded shapes to avoid hitting the edges.

6. All rooms should be adequately ventilated and, whenever possible, it is recommended to natural light to artificial light.

7. The plugs must not be within the reach of children. In the event that they are located in places that the child can access, they must have protections.

8. The stairs They must be suitable for the little ones. Any unevenness located in the children's area must be overcome by them without much difficulty.

9. The temperature of the nursery must be moderate, without overdoing the air conditioning in summer, or the heating in winter. In any case, radiators must have protectors to avoid accidents.

10. The children's use areas, that is, the educational, recreational or rest areas must be separated from the work zone of adults (kitchen, administration, etc.) and ensure that children do not access them unless in the company of an adult.

If you have already started looking for a nursery for your baby, you may have noticed that many centers do not meet all the security requirements. Many of the risks that these safety criteria avoid can be mitigated by daycare staff. Therefore, you can focus on them when assessing whether it is the most convenient center for your baby.

That the staff is professionally qualified Taking care of your baby is just as important as his human side. Look at the people who are going to be in charge of your baby, their eyes, their gestures and their body language to see if they inspire confidence. Because after all, your baby needs a loving and protective environment for his development.

It is certainly important that the nursery schedules are compatible with yours. It is also ideal that the center is close to your home or work. But there are two fundamental aspects that should finally decide on one nursery or another: that it be a safe nursery and that they treat your baby with a lot delusion.

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