36 weeks pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

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The pregnancy development in week 36 of gestation and the baby's growth begins to be characterized by lack of space. By now in the third trimester of pregnancy, you may have gained about 12 to 13 kilos of weight. Your baby begins to accumulate fat in his body and is rounded.

You may notice that your baby moves less around theweek 36 of pregnancy. The reason is that the baby has grown so large that it has less room to move. At the same time, you will notice the lower abdomen due to the insertion of the fetus in the pelvis and the rib pain will probably begin to decrease.

From the week 36 of gestation It is also common to notice that the gut gets hard from time to time, especially when you walk or climb stairs. They are the false contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions, not to be confused with labor contractions that are rhythmic, regular, increase in intensity and are painful.

However, if you have contractions, your gynecologist should do a cervical examination to see the characteristics of your cervix. A neck is unmodified when it is posterior, hard, closed and long. As the neck changes, it softens, shortens, centers and opens. This examination evaluates the degree of neck shortening, which usually occurs before dilation, especially in women who are going to give birth for the first time. In women who have given birth before, effacement of the cervix occurs at the same time as dilation.

In week 36 you may have gained 12 or 13 kilos of weight, and you may even gain a few more pounds during the next four weeks. In this week 36 and in the following weeks it will be harder for you to breathe. This is because the uterus has reached a thousand times its original capacity, and being under the ribs compresses the lungs.

At week 36 of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 2,750 grams and measures 46 cm. If it were born now, it would be considered premature, as its maturing process continues. His skin is starting to get rosier thanks to his accumulations of fat and he is losing lanugo (fine hair).

You have less room to move due to the increase in size, even though the amount of amniotic fluid has decreased. The baby swallows and swallows amniotic fluid. By the thirty-sixth week of gestation, most babies are already in cephalic presentation, although their little head may not yet fit into your pelvis. The bones of the head are fully formed, but are still soft and flexible, in order to adapt to the birth canal. The organs and systems continue to mature and will develop their functions independently.

In the 36th week of pregnancy you may suffer from swelling due to fluid retention. Contrary to what it may seem, stopping drinking water can only further complicate the problem. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is good, since this way waste is better eliminated through the kidneys, more urination is made, intestinal movement is favored and blood volume is maintained.

Also, the boxing in of a baby getting ready to go out into the world can increase pressure on your lower belly and make walking uncomfortable.

The proximity of the moment of delivery can generate some anxiety due to the fear of childbirth and the unknown. Avoid any stressful situation, as it can negatively affect the baby, try to relax as much as possible by practicing relationship techniques such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates or breathing exercises.

To combat the heartburn and constipation that usually occurs in this stage of pregnancy, reduce the consumption of fatty and spicy foods as much as possible, as well as the intake of chocolate, citrus fruits and coffee. Eat small, frequent meals, and eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly.

Bloating, strange as it may seem, is reduced by drinking more water throughout the day and reducing the consumption of salt and salty foods, such as olives and salted nuts.

If you notice that you have gas and you do not pass it easily, avoid accumulating air in the intestine by avoiding leaving your stomach empty, sitting upright while eating and avoiding lying down immediately after eating. You must wait at least half an hour.

Dreaming about the time of delivery and the baby is very common. The desire to meet him, to want to see his face and hold him in his arms makes the baby the protagonist of the dreams of many future moms in the weeks before childbirth. Control anxiety and stay calm, being nervous in the face of labor can hinder its development. Enjoy the rest to the fullest, finalize all the preparations for the baby's arrival and, if you have not yet decided on the name that you are going to give your baby, the time has come to think about it.

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