How to draw a spider step by step

How to draw a spider step by step

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If you want your son learn how to draw a spider very easily, here is a way to do it. An insect, which by the way, is used in many Halloween drawings and crafts. We explain how children can draw the spider step by step.

1. Make a small circle with black marker in the middle of a sheet or white card. This circle will be the head of the spider.

2. Now make another circle on top of the previous one, but a little bigger. This other circle will be the body of the spider.

3. To draw the legs, draw lines with a slight downward slant on the outer edge. Six lines will come out of the larger circle and two out of the smaller circle. In total you have to make four lines (legs) on each side of the circles. That is, a total of eight legs.

4. To make the spider's eyes, just draw two small circles inside the first circle you drew. Make a small stripe above each eye to make it look like it has eyebrows. You can also draw a mouth with small fangs and small circles inside the spider's body.

5. You almost have the finished chandelier. Only one detail is missing. Make a line from the center of the spider up, so it looks like it is hanging from a spider web. And ready!

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