Against childhood obesity, mom's cooking recipes

Against childhood obesity, mom's cooking recipes

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Mothers have a good hand in the kitchen, but due to the lifestyle that we now lead we do not have time to dedicate it to the kitchen. In addition, as we all like to eat, try new cooking recipes and we know more and more about nutrition and child nutrition, a science that, well applied, takes care of our health and that of our children, dedicating effort to cooking far from being a Waste of time, it has become a very profitable investment.

Thus, a study on childhood obesity, carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Granada, in Spain, has revealed that when the mother cooks, the children are less obese and are better fed. The nutritional status of children and the person in charge of preparing said food has a great relationship, since there is a great association between the person who cooks daily at home and the physical and health situation of the children.

And it is that mothers are the ones who regulate the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which we eat as a family, thanks to the fact that we worry about diet and childhood obesity. When we mothers cook we are pending to alternate meals, which means that if one day we have had meat, the next day we will have fish, and the next day eggs, if we have eaten pasta, we will not do it for two days in a row, but the next day we will surely eat vegetables or legumes. The same happens with breakfast or snack, a culinary space in which mothers continue to bet on sandwiches, which are healthy, and dairy products to compensate with calcium for the growth of children.

Apparently, those children whose menus are prepared by their mothers are better fed and suffer fewer cases of childhood obesity, while the nutritional status of children is more detrimental and tends to lead to children being overweight, if the person in charge of cooking daily is other than the mother. According to the study, it is still the mother who best knows the nutritional needs of her children and the best prepared, in terms of nutritional knowledge, for the preparation and maintenance of an optimal family diet.

The role of the mother has always been fundamental in feeding a family. Now, when the mother works, the children usually eat in school canteens, with grandparents or with other relatives. In addition to discovering this study that mothers feed their children better, it has revealed that mothers contribute to encouraging their children to avoid a sedentary life, limiting the hours they spend watching television, playing the console or being in front of the computer. A healthy lifestyle is essential to avoid childhood obesity and prevent obesity in the future.

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