Poseidon and the underwater kingdom. Greek legend for kids

Poseidon and the underwater kingdom. Greek legend for kids

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Poseidon is the god of the seas who handles the waters with his trident. He lives in his underwater palace with his trident and all the sea creatures.

Transmitting the cultural foundations of humanity to a child is easy if we adapt Greek mythology for them. We are counting the Greek myths in the form of short legends for children. We dive to the bottom of the sea to meet this grumpy god that is Poseidon.

Once upon a time there was a Greek god named Poseidon who reigned over all the seas. Poseidon was a diving god and he preferred a thousand times to be at the bottom of the sea with his sea creatures, with his octopuses, his whales, his dolphins and his goldfish rather than on the surface. There was a time when he came out more often from the bottom of the sea, but for a long time he has refused to leave his underwater palace.

One day he surfaced for a short walk on the beach and saw a family enjoying a spring picnic on the sand. Poseidon was happy to see the family having a good time, the bad came later. When the family finished their picnic, they left all the remains on the beach, they did not pick up the empty soda bottles and they left a lot of plastic on the sand. Then Poseidon got angry. He got very angry.

He climbed on his seahorse and returned to his underwater palace. There he picked up his trident and began to stir the waters, as if he were stirring a bowl of soup. Then the sea was rough, the waves were gigantic and a great storm began. That made all the people who were enjoying their beach day have to run away and go home because the sea and the beach had become dangerous places.

And it is that Poseidon does not like anything that humans harm their sea creatures or dirty their beaches. That's why he never leaves his underwater palace anymore, so if someone wants to talk to the god of the seas, they have to dive until they find him. And sometimes he shows his discontent with people stirring the waters with his trident. They are those days when it is better not to go near the beach.

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