Why do children fail in school?

Why do children fail in school?

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There is talk of school failure when a child does not reach the expected level of performance for their age and level, and not a lack of intellectual capacity, which means that what really fails are the educational models offered to children in schools .

The way to evaluate the child are the grades obtained at the end of the course through the exams, but other aspects are rarely taken into account such as the more individualized attention of the child with difficulties or potentialities, the detection of learning problems or other factors personal or emotional. We lament, but many times, we see the ears of the wolf when our children are still small and we prefer to cover our eyes instead of taking action.

I have spoken with some parents at my children's school about this important issue and many think that the level of demand in schools is lower than before and many of us are forced to give private classes at home so that our son understands a concept or do homework.

Personally, I have seen how many children automate math problems without understanding them or make mistakes without learning from them later. When my oldest son tells me that his grade has dropped because he has had one or two mistakes, I always ask him if he has had a chance to see the mistakes he has had so as not to make them again or learn from them.

He almost always says no, they give him the note and that's it. There are many shortcomings to fill! Yesterday I heard on the radio a relevant person in the field of education who spoke of the fact that children are being offered an educational model whose sole objective is to learn through play. This man, in a very critical way, said something like that who understands education as a game, plays to educate.

And I think you are right, there are learnings, especially at an early age, that are much easier through play, but there are certain disciplines that are only recorded using memory and effort, despite being explained in an enjoyable way and motivating child to do learning.

Learning does not come alone, you have to desire it and you have to strive to obtain good results. We all must do our homework in this regard, on our part, it is essential that we be attentive to the evolution and needs of our child in school and to teach good work habits.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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