How to whet your child's appetite with aromatherapy

How to whet your child's appetite with aromatherapy

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Many parents do not know what to do when their child does not have much appetite, or when it is a constant struggle to try to eat the right foods at mealtime.

However, there is a technique that we can put into practice in an easy way, and that has to do with the aromatherapy, making it clear that although for many it is nothing more than a fable, it helps many people every day due to the psychological force of smells. Why not try it to stimulate the little ones in the house and their appetite?

If we want to stimulate our child through smells, we need to know that it is not a very light process, but that we have to maintain it over time so that the child is aware of the smell in question and can relate the meal time with that smell that in addition to being tremendously familiar, he also likes.

Therefore, first we have to know what type of aromas are those that help let's be more hungry, and that are what will make our little one also have it and incidentally can eat much better from then on.

Some of the smells that can help the appetite the most are the following:

-Cardamom: Although it can be very strong at first, this spice usually encourages an appetite, both in the elderly and also in the children, since the way in which we can establish it at home will make them relate it to the moment of the meal and thus they dare to eat more than usual.

-Cumin: It is also useful for the same purpose, although it should not be used in excess.

- Citrus aromas: It is proven that it stimulates the appetite in a practical and simple way and is valid for any age.

To know how apply these smells, We can do it on the dishes themselves, or at the same time we are preparing the dishes in question, which will make them relax little by little and can make them relate this moment with the menus with which they are going to enjoy.

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