Benefits of Mindfulness at school

Benefits of Mindfulness at school

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More and more Mindfulness and meditation practices are used in educational centers in Western countries. And it is probably a necessity, especially because of the stress that is experienced, also in schools.

Academic performance is above emotional development. You are so worth so much. And in the end, the days, the months and the school courses go by in a monotonous way. And depression, unhappiness, anxiety, attention difficulties, behavior problems and a long etcetera emerge in children.

Using Mindfulness in schools means that parents, educators and teachers, as well as children, incorporate the practice of Mindfulness in their lives. Education is everyone's responsibility, but especially parents and educational professionals. Ultimately, they are the ones to help children and young people to practice it, especially by their example.

When you start practicing Mindfulness, teachers begin to notice that their stress levels are reduced, medical losses decrease, as well as depression and burnout (feeling of 'being burned'). As for the parents, they express that they feel calmer, they understand their children better, they listen to them more patiently and with more attention, and the discussions begin, almost magically, to diminish. It is as if everything suddenly flows easily.

In both cases, you become more aware of where you are educating from. You begin to consciously listen to your children and students, and you listen to yourself, observing your own reactions. One suddenly asks, with honesty, humility and courage, questions like: 'why do I get nervous with this student?', 'What do I really feel when my students do not pay attention to me or do not do their homework?', ' Why do I feel so insecure with that group? ',' Why do I jump when my son tells me that his belly hurts again or that he cannot sleep? '... Therefore Mindfulness or the practice of mindfulness in education it is not reduced to the practice of meditation (which is already a great tool), but also invites that self-reflection and self-inquiry into the role of educator.

As for children, they become aware of what is happening in their environment, in their body, in their emotions and in their thoughts.

- Improve your memory and concentration.

- Decreases impulsivity increasing self-control.

- Empathy and understanding of others is enhanced, and natural conflict resolution skills are developed.

- Anxiety and stress decrease, and the ability to realize and be aware is increased.

Even general health improves. Values ​​such as compassion, generosity, altruism are developed ... and finally happier and more confident children are formed.

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