The youngest Zumba teacher

The youngest Zumba teacher

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Can children teach us something? Could they be teachers? The answer is yes. There are children who stand out, who have an amazing ability to sing, play the guitar, the piano ... and dance. Yes, also dancing.

The youngest Zumba teacher is no more than 9 years old. And it moves as it wants. He surprised everyone at a dance marathon. His speciality: he hums.

Perhaps it is the fashionable dance among the little ones. What is it about Zumba that attracts them so much? Movement, movement and more movement. The zumba (of Colombian origin) lets them move freely, with freedom. It encourages them to express themselves with the whole body. Mix salsa, bachata, rumba, meringue ... and they love this mix, they love it! You only have to see this little girl to realize how well the little ones can dance Zumba.

Dozens of people follow the movements of this girl as best they can, who oblivious to everything that happens behind her, dances and dances without stopping. A masterful Zumba class from the youngest instructor.

The truth is that we do not know his name, but we do know how well he dances. And who enjoys dancing. That is obvious. But, does dancing Zumba have any advantages for children? Yes, and many. Among them are:

1. It is a fantastic sport against childhood obesity.

2. Tones the muscles of the whole body.

3. Free the mind. It is good against stress.

4. Fantastic sport for the most active and restless children.

5. It helps them to coordinate all the parts of the body and to synchronize the movements with the music.

6. Mixing styles is an adventure for them.

7. Exercise and enhance flexibility.

8. Create happiness!

After this little girl's masterful class, don't you want to try?

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