7 mistakes made by parents' WhatsApp groups

7 mistakes made by parents' WhatsApp groups

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WhatsApp It is a fantastic tool most of the time, it is immediate, instantaneous and saves us a lot of time on calls. These advantages mean that this application has transcended our contact list to add all the parents of our children's class. In this way, it has become one more school agenda.

And it is that, the groups of parents in WhatsApp are already something fundamental, we use them daily, we have several, depending on the number of children, extracurricular or birthdays to whom they are invited and through them we mainly dedicate ourselves to asking: What homework do you have today? When is the math test? Has someone taken my son's jacket by mistake? Although, sometimes, the thing goes further.

1- Comment by mistake in public topics that are private. It is the classic mistake of sending a message that was for another person to whom it does not correspond. The problem comes when that message contains some criticism for a parent or even a child. I know of a case like this in which a mother accidentally pressed the voice message button and left a criticism in the group of parents about the 'peggy' child in the class. A classic moment of 'earth swallow me'.

2- Criticize the teacher. Teachers in some groups are the subject of gossip and criticism. Each of their methods is dissected and evaluated. But then few are those who dare to tell him in person that they do not agree with his educational system.

3- Convert the group into a 'patio radio', that is, fill it with rumors or comments about events that occur at school, between children or teachers. They are groups that become gossip gazettes that only sow confusion and misunderstandings.

4- Be the child's school agenda. We no longer trust that our children have written down their homework, we do not leave them the task of taking responsibility, so instead of letting them make mistakes and learn from their mistakes if they have not written down their tasks well, we tend to become in his secretaries.

5- Convert the groups of fathers into groups of mothers. It is rare to find a parent in these groups. We mothers are the ones who go ahead and offer ourselves as receivers and transmitters of messages, we want to control the information of WhatsApp groups no matter how much we complain.

6- Have fights with other parents. Some misunderstanding or quarrel that comes from afar can lead two mothers to fight in front of the whole group, regardless of what may be embarrassing for the rest of the parents.

7- Hang content outside the school. Sometimes they become containers for jokes, silly videos or viral memes, forgetting the reason for which they were created.

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