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The 9 superpowers of mothers that children value the most

The 9 superpowers of mothers that children value the most

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Since I had my first daughter almost 8 years ago, my feelings towards my mother have totally changed. It's not that I don't love her the same now, it's that I love her more and, above all, I value her more! How was she able to do everything she did without losing her smile and always being loving? Thanks to the innate9 superpowers of mothers.

Surely if Disney wanted to make a new installment of its movie 'The Incredibles' it would probably have a lot of candidates to star in this third part, and that is that mothers have superpowers. And not one, not two, not three ... we have counted to nine. Do you agree with us?

1. The super power of hearing everything
You have such a powerful radar that you are able to hear from your room if your child changes his position while sleeping, if he coughs a little or if he breathes. That at home, but when you are in the park you are able to guess from hundreds of cries which one is your son's. You have so developed this super power of hearing everything that, sometimes, you even hear your neighbor's child cry from the room (and you live in the second).

2. The super power of finding the lost toy
Every weekend, you and your child set the toys so that everything is in its place, but let's face it, it doesn't last longer than an hour! And it is just when an hour and five minutes have passed that the drama arrives: "Mom, I can't find my favorite toy !!!" And you, as if you had a scanner, you walk around the room and find it! Amazing!

3. The super power of healing kisses
Those hugs, those caresses and those kisses that you give your children when they have a fever have much more effect than any dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen. And it is that mom is the best doctor that a child can have.

4. The super power of reaching everywhere
You go to pick them up at school, you take them to the corresponding extracurricular school, you shop, you bathe them, you prepare dinner, you tell them a story ... and you are able to do everything before 9:30 p.m., the time at which you want your children to be in bed and, the most curious thing, without messing up your hair! You are quite a crack!

5. The superpower of patience
Probably until you have been a mother you have not realized the patience you have, and that is that only a mother is capable of watching her son's favorite movie three times in a row, spending a whole morning in the karate or rhythmic gymnastics exhibition of your little one or of spending more than an hour on the table until he gets him to eat it all.

6. The super power of remembering everything
Agendas are not made for you, and it is that in your head you are able to retain all the information you need. Make an appointment with the pediatrician, buy the hat for the school costume, pick up the dye coat, order the fish for the weekend meal, call Hugo's mother to tell her that you will not be able to go to the birthday, confirm attendance for grandparents' anniversary party ... Hats off!

7. The super power of anticipating the future
Mothers have a sixth or we should say seventh sense, and that is the only way it is understood that because the child coughs while watching television, you already know that the next day he will not go to school because his fever will rise, or that you prepare on Sunday in the morning the uniform for the next day as if you knew for sure that the power was going to go out at home and you were not going to be able to put the washing machine.

8. The super power to transform yourself
In the morning you are the best employee of your company; when your neighbor calls you to tell you a problem, you change the role to become the best friend in the world; And in the afternoon, you take out your teacher's vein and you study Mathematics, English, Social or Sciences with your children ... If you are worth a lot!

9. The super power of loving them above all else
But without a doubt, there is a super power that makes you the best mother in the world. Despite the sleepless nights, the hours you spend reviewing Lengua with them, the headaches that you create when listening to them argue non-stop or the days when you go to bed without dinner because of fatigue, your children are all for you. You love them and love them above all else, because without them your life would not be the same and, above all, it would be meaningless.

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