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Down Syndrome from A to Z

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The Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation (Spain) offers parents with children with Down syndrome information about their children's health and developmental problems, with the publication of the book "Your child with Down syndrome from A to Z .

It is a 'A Practical Guide for Parents to the Medical Aspects of Down Syndrome'. A very complete book and adapted to the language of the parents.

In Spain, there are today 35 thousand cases of children with Down syndrome. Some 25 years ago these children received no medical or educational care. They were simply abandoned, and remained "in the closet" of many homes. They were hardly seen on the streets. They did not go to schools, or to public parks and other places.

Today, happily, his reality has changed. They live with other children, study, and already occupy a place in the university classroom, and even a job. There are now 108 people working at the Foundation. 40 percent of children with Down syndrome are born with heart disease and up to five years of age catch more colds and otitis, although this does not prevent them from being treated by any doctor. Overprotection nullifies them. They need to lead an autonomous life like any other child.

According to the Foundation, which is one of the first to have a Down medical center in Spain, there is no other writing on this subject for parents of children with Down syndrome so complete. To acquire the book, they will have to contact the Foundation.

About 30 years ago, children with Down syndrome had a very pessimistic and limited prognosis. Today their life expectancy is around 60 years. The medical advances have been definitive. Many topics and inaccuracies about the problems and diseases that can affect children with Down syndrome have been disseminated, offering inappropriate information sometimes generated by confusion with the constitutional aspects of the syndrome.

These children present the same ailments as any other of the same age and, although they may be more predisposed to some of them, for others they are less so; and their treatment is the same and may even be more satisfactory and effective.

This book is intended for parents of children with Down syndrome. Its intention is to offer you a first objective and practical approach to the health, behavior or development problems that your children may present. Structured in short chapters, it begins with a reminder on genetics and Down syndrome, continues with an alphabetical presentation of the medical aspects and ends with an annex that includes the Health Program and the growth charts of the Down Medical Center (CMD ) of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down.

More than 30 specialists from the CMD and from accredited University Hospitals of Catalonia and Ecuador have collaborated in its writing.

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- Catalan Down syndrome Foundation -

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