6 commitments from parents so that children know what equality is

6 commitments from parents so that children know what equality is

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Moms and dads, we have a new mission! Times change, evolve and we have to adapt to them, so, now with more momentum than before, we are in the era of equality, a concept that we must work on from childhood. However, educating in equality requires a series of commitments from parents such as adapting behavior to be a good example for children. Only then can they understand what equality truly is and will live in it.

Parents must commit to equality to ensure that the future society is fairer for all. This means that we work with children on some key concepts from the time they are small. In this way they will be able to internalize them and channel all the messages that come to them daily, some of them unequal.

The keys that I detail below are not for those parents who already develop this education from the beginning of their child's life. This article is for those parents, who still do not know how to do it.

Concepts such as sisterhood, co-responsibility or conciliation, are sources of inspiration to reach EQUALITY. But to put this concept into practice, we need to keep in mind some keys and make the following commitments.

1. Be informed
The first of the commitments that parents must make is to learn and read about these new concepts. We must be willing to meet them and form an opinion around them. Therefore, it is important that we give ourselves the opportunity to learn at the same time that our children learn.

2. Educate in essential values
Educating in values ​​such as equality and justice is the second key for our children to learn what equality is. To do this, there are many tools at our disposal: from stories and poems to games and other activities to promote positive values.

3. Set an example
The best way to teach children about equality is to lead by example. At home, these values ​​have to be understood by them, with us as a role model. Therefore, parents must commit to being the guide that our children need. But first, we must reflect on whether we are truly setting the example we want for the little ones.

4. Delete some phrases from your vocabulary
As a third key it is necessary that we change old beliefs, brought to our present and our family, when they really corresponded to our ancestors. Times change, and we must review what things, phrases or statements, we do that do not make sense now. Example: 'You run like a girl', 'Tents are women's things', 'Children don't cry', etc.

If you stop for a moment to think, you will realize that these statements can be very harmful for the child who hears them and that they are based on unequal stereotypes. It is better that you bet on a more affective language.

5. Talk about everything with the children
Another important point is to stop hiding family secrets, to keep silence, to tell some of the 'white lies' that we use ... Let's not play to hide information from our children just because of the distinction of sex. It is best to talk openly about any girl or boy topic so that you both get to know the people. An example of this is when we try to hide what menstruation is from boys.

6. Work on children's self-esteem
And lastly, dear mom and dad, don't forget to work on children's self-esteem. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, cultivate and strengthen your confidence so that tomorrow you will know how to distinguish between egalitarian and unequal patterns.

Let's do it!! We have a long way to go, but I trust society and our children to get where we want to go, a society of equality for all.

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