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It is possible to plan your pregnancy so that your baby is born in September

It is possible to plan your pregnancy so that your baby is born in September

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If you are clear that do you want your baby to be born in september because it is when you are most excited or because it suits you better for this or that reason, you have reached the right place. In our site We tell you when to get pregnant to give birth this month, how to plan your pregnancy with some valuable calculators and we also give you some tips that will be very useful. Let's see it!

Being a mother is something magical, the first time you see your child's face, the first time he says 'mom', his first steps ... Everything is new and beautiful! Surely from the moment you took the pregnancy test you have already thought a lot about all this. But you also have to know what it is a hard job in which you have to improve yourself every day at the same time that you give the best of yourself, something that without a doubt you are going to do with all your soul and great enthusiasm. We are going to try that all your doubts are resolved and we are going to see how and when your pregnancy will begin if you want to give birth in the month of September. Ready to start?

Let's take a look at the calendar to see the month in which your pregnancy is to begin. We adjust dates and see that it is in December when everything must begin. In this way, the first trimester of pregnancy will be from December to February, the second from March to May and the third will go from June to August, therefore being the approximate delivery date September.

Let me share with you now three calculators that will help you know how your pregnancy is going to develop from start to finish. Always have them on hand to consult them when you need them. With the first of them you will know each stage of pregnancy, with the second you will know what your child's eye color is like and with the third you will be able to calculate when your little one will be born.

1. Pregnancy calendar and calculator
How does your baby grow inside you? Surely, now that you are going to be a mother, this is one of the questions you ask yourself the most. Check this calculator and you will know how your baby develops month by month and you will know in turn how and how much your belly is growing to allow the baby to have all the necessary space. Consult it every month or even every week and you will see how fascinating it is to create a life within yourself step by step. You are sure to feel much calmer and more confident.

2. Calculator to know the color of your baby's eyes
If you have blue eyes and your partner green, what color will your baby have them? What if the grandparents have them brown? You guess what you are going to do over and over again until you finally see your little one's face. Meanwhile, we recommend that you review this calculator, it is ideal to find out the color of your child's eyes. It is based on making a mixture according to the eye color that the closest relatives have. Will your baby be a boy or a girl? I ask you because if you are a girl you have more options to resemble your father's family and if you are a boy, your mother's. How exciting!

3. Due date calculator
When will my baby be born? According to what we have been seeing, it will be in the month of September when you can lull your child in your arms, but what day will be chosen? If you want to solve doubts, you just have to enter the first day of your last menstruation in this calculator, the result will be the approximate date of delivery. Take the opportunity to prepare in advance everything you need for when you go to the hospital and for when you return home with your little one. Last minute rush and stress are not good.

For everything to go perfectly during pregnancy, it is necessary take into account a series of cares. One of the issues that you should watch the most is your diet, since it not only affects you, but also the little one that grows in your belly.

It is a mistake to think that when you are pregnant you have to eat for two and it is also a mistake to indulge yourself every day thinking that nothing happens. You have to continue more than ever a healthy, varied and balanced diet so that the baby receives all the necessary nutrients and that the mother is the best possible care. Whims such as sweets are allowed, but only occasionally.

So, now that you are pregnant, may it never be missing in your kitchen ...

- Seasonal fruits and vegetables that you have to wash and cook well.

- Legumes such as lentils or chickpeas.

- Lean meats, better if they are white like turkey or chicken.

- Fish rich in omega 3.

- Pasta to take once a week.

- Pasteurized dairy rich in calcium.

- Nuts.

- Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Your dream has finally come true, September arrives and with it your baby. I can only tell you to try to enjoy it as much as you can. My children were born in September and, although there were days when I was sad, especially because the sunny afternoons were moving away, I tried to see everything from the positive side and support my partner and my family. Advice that I convey to you now dear mom.

Tell you also that you have clear priorities, you and your baby first And then the things to do at home, the routine, the visits of distant relatives ... Recovering from childbirth takes time, getting used to breastfeeding is a challenge and resting for a few hours at a time is a utopia, so think of yourself and take things easy. Little by little everything will return to its place and you will see it from a more optimistic point of view.

Congratulations, dear mom!

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