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Original French toast recipe reinvented that children will lick their fingers with

Original French toast recipe reinvented that children will lick their fingers with

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Torrijas are sweets of European origin whose preparation consists of dipping a slice of bread in milk, sherry wine or syrup, to later coat it in beaten egg and fry it in a pan. The theory is clear, but the practice is delicious ... To surprise everyone this Easter, in we propose you a recipe for torrijas reinvented, a more original elaboration with peach than part of the traditional recipe. Neither children nor adults will be able to avoid sucking their fingers!

On this occasion, we propose you an easy recipe for milk torrijas, but with a similar appearance and presentation to French toast. Delicious! Ask your children to help you make these homemade French toast and build fun family memories. In this way, you will also be involving them in one of the most deeply-rooted traditions of Holy Week.


  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 1 liter of milk
  • vanilla sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • cinnamon stick
  • cinnamon powder
  • smooth oil
  • peaches in syrup
  • a lemon

We start with this delicious recipe! But first, you should know that when you finish reading the next step by step you will get hungry. He who warns is not a traitor ...

1. To start making these delicious torrijas so original, you have to pour the milk into a small casserole. Add 6 teaspoons of vanilla sugar, the zest of a lemon, and a cinnamon stick. Stir and heat over low heat. Before the milk begins to boil, remove the casserole from the heat and let it sit at room temperature to infuse. In this way, your torrijas will have much more flavor.

2. Once the milk has cooled, you have to strain it into a container to remove the cream that has formed and the remains of the lemon peel and cinnamon. Mmm ... it smells good!

3. Cut the loaf of bread into thick pieces, almost 3 fingers thick. We have used a loaf of brioche bread for torrijas, but you can use, for example, sliced ​​bread. At consumer taste! Next, soak the slices of bread in the milk on both sides.

4. As the portions of bread are quite large, the next step is to carefully remove them from the milk and let them rest on a tray so that they expel the excess liquid, thus we will achieve that they weigh less and we will avoid that they break. Do this step very carefully.

5. To continue with the preparation of these torrijas, prepare a pan with oil over low heat. While the oil is heating, go coating the bread slices in egg, and then frying them in the pan.

6. When removing the torrijas from the pan, it is recommended let them rest on kitchen paper to remove excess fat. How hungry we are getting!

7. Place the torrijas on a platter or tray, and sprinkle with icing sugar and ground cinnamon. Then cut them diagonally, as if they were a sandwich. They look like French toast! How original!

8. And now it's your turn to give them the magic touch that differentiates them from all the previous French toast you've seen. Before serving them, chop the peach in syrup and add a little of its juice. You will see how, suddenly, the torrijas gain in flavor and will be even juicier. No one will be able to resist them! They are ideal for sharing after a fantastic Easter family meal.

These reinvented torrijas, as we have called them because they are different from the traditional Easter recipe, are very tasty (just looking at the photos you will have noticed). But in we also have other quite delicious recipes. It is impossible for us to keep only one, so below we have left you a small compilation with some varied recipes. Our goal is to help you have the sweetest Easter!

1. Grandma's French toast
When you become a grandmother or grandfather, they give you a huge cookbook containing the most delicious recipes. Among all of them, there are surely these French toast. They can't have more flavor! If you want to learn how to make them (even if you are not a grandmother yet), pay attention to the step by step of this recipe.

2. Dots of chocolate toast
Those who don't like sweets very much (something I will never understand) will love these little French toast that we have called dots or bocaditos. Being smaller, they are less cloying. Of course, we could not resist putting a little chocolate on them. Do you want to know how to prepare this recipe?

3. Gluten-free French toast recipe
There is no reason to deprive celiac children or adults of the richest dessert of Holy Week, torrijas. For this reason, we propose a gluten-free recipe so that they too can enjoy and put on their boots.

4. Baked light torrijas
And, finally, we propose a slightly more 'light' recipe in which it is not necessary to fry the torrijas, just put them in the oven. Do you know the best? Which are just as tasty!

To eat torrijas at Easter!

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